Barney the Bug Press Release

After 20 Years of Sitting Idle, Barney the Bug is on the Road Again!
Livermore Collision Center fulfills dream restoration on
1965 classic Volkswagen Beetle
LIVERMORE, CA, February 6, 2009: After a year of tender, loving care and careful attention to details, Livermore Collision Center has given “Barney the Bug” a new lease on life with a complete and total restoration. To celebrate the vintage Beetle’s “coming out of the garage” event, a party will be held on Friday March 13, 2009 from 11:00AM to 2:00PM, with free hot dogs and door prizes.
Proud owner Gerry Mueller is thrilled to be back behind the wheel of his beloved sea blue Bug, which he purchased brand-new in 1965 for little more than $2,000. By the time he turned it over to Bill and Robin Miller in 2008, the Volkswagen was probably worth $100 in salvage parts. Today, less than a year later, Barney’s value is more than $40,000.

So, why did Barney sit idle for so long? After surviving several fender-benders and other minor accidents, the little bug was put out of commission when it was side-swiped by a red light runner on a cold night in January 1988. “The insurance company only paid $750 for salvage and I knew it was going to take a lot more money to restore old Barney,” says Mueller. So he put the car in the garage and waited for the right opportunity, which finally came in 2006 after selling his house. Finding himself with some extra cash on hand, Mueller decided it was time to bring his beloved Barney back to life. He was referred to Bill Miller at Livermore Collision Center who agreed to undertake Barney’s transformation.

Mueller found Bill and Robin Miller easy to work with and was very impressed with their professionalism and high-level of customer service. “I think the character and integrity of the ownership of the shop combined with quality of the work is very important when looking for a car restoration service,” says Mueller. “Bill and Robin Miller are well knowledgeable and consistently kept me apprised of everything they were doing, as well as what I needed to do, including when it was time to get insurance or buy new plates.”
The Millers said they enjoy spending the time and effort restoring vintage cars because they take pleasure in bringing back fond memories to the original owners. “Restoring and customizing vehicles is a personal journey for both the owners and us,” says Robin. “With the production of newer vehicles such as hybrids, vintage cars today are a form of art that give us pleasant reminders of the past.”

Owners are attached to their vehicles in so many ways – be it their first car, a car the family took on vacation, or a friend’s car from high school or college. Even so, it’s rare for someone like Gerry Mueller to still own his car after 44 years and have it in like-new condition. As for Mueller, he’s simply looking forward to cruising California’s beautiful and historic highways once again with Barney the Bug.

About Livermore Collision Center:
Livermore Collision Center (LCC) is one of the last few remaining collision repair shops that do complete restoration projects, including repainting and custom work. The owners’ motto, “We Really do Meet the Nicest People by Accident!” is reflected in the way they approach every restoration project. LCC takes great pride in bringing dream cars to a reality and strives to bring value to the customer. For more information, go to or call 925-443-2848.
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Contact: Livermore Collision Center
Name: Bill and Robin Miller
Title: Owners
Phone: 925-443-2848

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